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A relationship is formally created when the mayors or highest elected officials from two communities sign a memorandum of understanding establishing the sister city partnership. However, this is usually the result of a long process that involves the local sister city organization along with the municipality and other local institutions.

Twin towns or sister cities are a form of legal and social agreement between towns, cities, counties, oblasts, prefectures, provinces, regions, states, and even countries in geographically and politically distinct areas to promote cultural and commercial ties.

Sister city relationships may develop from a number of sources, including but not limited to: preexisting mayoral relationships, trade relationships, historical connections, ancestral/demographic connections, expatriate communities, shared geographic/sector challenges, faith-based groups, and personal experiences ranging from study/work abroad to marriages.

About Sister Cities

Itajaí, Brazil

San Clemente del Tuyú, Argentina

Becoming a member of Greater Pompano  Beach Sister Cities gives you the opportunity to become more involved in   our goals of promoting peace throughout the world through community    involvement.  

  • You'll have the chance to meet people from our Sister Cities and create friendships that last a lifetime.  

  • You'll have the opportunity to network with other like-minded people of our community who want  to promote peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation.

  • You'll also see the benefits our  current Sister cities relationships have  on Cultural Exchange, Youth Education Programs, Economic Partnerships and Mutual Assistance has on the future of Pompano Beach residents, students and businesses.

A sister city, county, or state relationship is a broad-based, long-term partnership between two communities in two countries. A sister city, county, or state relationship is officially recognized after the highest elected or appointed official from both communities sign an official agreement of partnership.

A sister city organization may have any number of sister cities, with community involvement ranging from a half dozen to hundreds of volunteers. In addition to volunteers, sister city organizations may include representatives from nonprofits, municipal governments, the private sector, and other civic organizations. Sister city relationships offer the flexibility to form connections between communities that are mutually beneficial and which address issues that are most relevant for partners.

They implement projects in a number of areas, including:

Cultural Exchange: Cultural exchanges are a pillar of citizen diplomacy. Sister communities may share their respective
histories, traditions, and customs through interactive and person-to-person events like art exhibits, cultural festivals, musical programs, peace parks, and other artistic endeavors.

Youth and Educational Programs
: Many Sister Cities International members organize high school exchanges with their partners. Partnerships between universities, whether for exchanges or cooperative activities, have also become more common over the years. Sister city exchanges are often the first opportunity young people have to travel abroad, and are vital in spurring a lifelong interest in international culture and affairs.

Economic Partnerships: International exchanges boost local industry and development, build avenues for trade and company expansion, and develop personal relationships that open doors for private sector investment. In sister city organizations these may include trade missions, business-to-business learning opportunities, or assistance in trade areas such as market evaluation or regulatory assistance. Many of these exchanges also include cultural components to help build relationships and understanding that form the foundation for much of international business.

Municipal Assistance: Sister cities often assist one another through training and knowledge sharing in areas such as transportation, sanitation, sustainable development, tourism, public safety, and others aspects of city management.

Greater Pompano Beach Sister Cities

Termoli - Italy

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