Greater Pompano Beach Sister Cities

Itajaí, Brazil

Becoming a member of Greater Pompano  Beach Sister Cities gives       you the opportunity to become more involved in   our goals of promoting peace throughout the world through community involvement.  

  • You'll have the chance to meet   people from our Sister Cities and create friendships that last a lifetime.  

  • You'll have the opportunity to network with other like-minded people of our community who want  to promote peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation.

  • You'll also see the benefits our  current Sister cities relationships have  on Cultural Exchange, Youth Education Programs, Economic Partnerships and Mutual Assistance has on the future of Pompano Beach residents, students and businesses


  • The city was founded on June 15, 1860. It occupies an area of 304 km², 20% urban and 80% rural.

  • It’s located on the north coast of Santa Catarina State, approximately 65 miles north of Florianopolis and 450 miles south of Rio de Janeiro.

  • Every October, Itajaí hosts one of the biggest festivals of Brazilian popular music. The festival brings  together musicians and artists from around the country.

  • The climate in Itajaí is humid in winter and dry in summer.

  • In summer temperatures can reach 104 °F and during the winter they can get as low as 41 °F.

  • As of 2014, the municipality of Itajaí conducted 1.61% of Brazil's total export trade with $3.91(US) worth of goods. This figure places Itajaí as the 8th highest exporter in Brazil.

  • Itajaí has many beautiful beaches, among them are the Molhes, Atalaia, Jeremias, and Brava
    (Angry) Beach and Solidão. One well-known tourist attraction is the Parrot's Beak, a 6-meter-tall
    rock in the shape of a Parrot.